Using Children’s Literature for Mathematical Investigations

This week in Australia is The Children’s Book Council of Australia Book Week. Why not celebrate by using children’s literature to teach mathematics?

Engaging Maths

How often do you progress from problem solving to investigation-based work in your mathematics classroom? Have you ever considered using children’s literature in your mathematics lessons to provide an interesting and creative context for mathematical exploration?

The idea of investigation is fundamental both to the study of mathematics itself and also to an understanding of the ways in which mathematics can be used to extend knowledge and to solve problems in very many fields” (Cockroft, 1981, p.250). 

Mathematical investigations move beyond problem solving, yet are not ‘project work’ They are inquiry based and support a constructivist approach to learning in which learners actively construct their own knowledge through reflection on physical and mental actions. During investigation-based work, learning is placed within a purposeful context that requires students to engage in mathematics by combining content knowledge with higher order thinking skills and creativity. Investigations provide insights into the work…

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