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Programming and Planning Checklist

Framework for Engagement with Mathematics (Word Doc below) is a product of my research on student engagement and is a useful tool for planning mathematics learning.


Reflecting on Games in Mathematics A set of student reflection prompts based on the Framework for Engagement with Mathematics for use when games are used in mathematics lessons.

Engaging Maths Circle Geometry This is a hands-on, engaging and open-ended task that can be used to link geometry to measurement concepts while promoting the use of mathematical language and reasoning.

Unifix Grab: A hands-on task to teach averages. Suitable for Grades 4 – 8 but can be adapted to suit younger students.

Getting To Know You Mathematically activity

Final report for my research project on the use of financial literacy to improve student engagement with mathematics.

FREE PD session.

This session is a recorded version of a presentation I did at the AAMT Connect with Maths Day on the 18th March 2016, on Engaging Contemporary Learners with Mathematics

Engaging Contemporary Learners with Mathematics

A free resource with lots of teaching ideas. Over 120 apps are listed for use in mathematics teaching and learning.

Looking for Patterns

An addition grid with a range of investigations that promote the identifying and describing of patterns, an essential part of the problem solving process.

Password Possibilities

A mathematical investigation based on the context of a forgotten mobile phone password.

 The Twelve Days of Christmas

A great range of activities to keep students engaged at the end of the year!

The Travel Game

Free game instructions, gameboard, and blank template so students can design their own games.

 The Arrays Game

A game that promotes multiplicative thinking using arrays.

 Blast off!

Two games that use pattern blocks to help to build students’ understanding of place value.